Trail rides on this location are available from June 1st until September 12th

MTM Ranch provides top shelf riding experiences across the Mogollon Rim on the Historic High Line Trail.  The Mogollon Rim is a major floristic and faunal boundary, with species characteristic of the Rocky Mountains.  Ride either above the Rim on our Carr Lake / General Crook Trails or ride below the sandstone escarpment on the Highline Trail. 


Feel confident and comfortable riding through the beautiful Tonto and Apache Sitgreaves National Forest on a fine, experienced horse.  The vistas are majestic from the rim's edge.  Travel the trails of General George Crook and see abundant wildlife along the way.  Your guide will tell tales of the old west and amaze you with their knowledge.


All our Mogollon Rim rides are only available at 9:30 in the morning due to the nature of our weather.  The afternoons on the rim are usually monsooning with thunderstorms and wind upswings that are not the right kind of atmosphere for safe riding.  Our afternoons are best spent at a local pub or sitting on a cabin porch to take in the spectacular nature of the storm.  The temperatures are a certain delight after.


*On the occasion that riders are unable to make our 9:30 departure time we reserve the right to cancel without refund.  We can not leave behind schedule for your own personal safety,  due to the danger of horses being caught in  our daily heavy thunderstorms.

260 Trailhead to See Canyon | 2 hrs + 45 min | Daily | Intermediate | $ 110 per rider

The 260 Trailhead to See Canyon, the headwaters of Christopher Creek, is a wonderful leisurely ride for riders. It traverses the edge of the Mogollon Rim for approximately 8 miles ending at See Canyon at the headwaters of Christopher Creek. It is suitable for riders 12 years and above and best taken by riders with some experience.


Fish Hatchery - Horton Springs | 3 hrs + 45 min | Weekdays Only | Intermediate | 

$ 150 per rider

This is the crown jewel of all our rides with an immediate crossing of Tonto Creek and navigation of the 260 trail along a most interesting segment of the Rim to Horton Creek and its beginning, the most wonderful fresh mountain spring out into a waterfall and a cascading creek that flows for 3 to 4 miles over many different rock outcroppings. The fresh spring water is melted snow and as pure as any bottled water. We always refill at the falls. The plant life is abundant with Lupine as well as yellow Colombine along with many others. It is not uncommon to see bears or at least a bear track. It is suitable for riders 15 and above.

See Canyon - Horton - Fish Hatchery | 5 hrs + 30 min | Daily | Advanced | $ 200 per rider

The 5.5 hour See Canyon to Horton Springs trail ride is by far the most interesting and changes altitudes multiple times.  This ride not only travels almost 3 hours to Horton Springs it includes quite a descent down into Horton Creek itself.  Only for advanced riders.  




Rides on Top of the Rim

Hours from 10:00 a.m. Until 1:00 p.m.

We are Apache Sitgreaves National Forest Permittees providing rides in a very special Wildlife Refuge Area known as Carr Lake. It is a series of dry but mars like lakebeds surrounded by huge forests of Ponderosa pines, Aspen, Spruce, Pinon, Juniper and Fir trees. Sightings of Elk are frequent as well as mule deer and coyote. Occasional porcupines, fox, and Badgers have been seen. There was once a sighting of a California Condor that had migrated over from the Grand Canyon release. 


Such a lovely ride that is quite suitable for children 10 years and up. Our maximum weight is 240 lbs. Our departure area is in the Carr Lake Equestrian Trailhead area.


1 Hour Tour  is $ 70

2 Hour Tour is $ 90

Important information for Top of the Rim Rides only (different location):

Directions to Carr Lake Equestrian Trailhead area: From Payson, turn right-east and travel east on Hwy 260 about 30-32 miles to Forest Road 300 (FR 300 is just at the top of the rim and is the same as the Woods Canyon Lake turn-off). Turn left here and drive north/west on FR 300 (the Old Rim Road) for 5.4 miles to FR 9350-Carr Lake Loop (You will pass the 'Woods Canuon Lake' turnoff  and continue a little over a mile (Gravel Road) and turn south/west (Left)  on FR 9350 Carr Lake Loop. You will see the horse pens and our horses right there next to the pens and restroom.  


*Please note that phone service is not good in this spot so make sure you have mapped it out very well before your travels as you will not be able to call and ask for more directions.

We'd be super happy to hear from you! Give us a call or send us a text to book your ride: +1 (480) 488 4538

We kindly ask you to please bring a filled out and signed copy of the liability waiver when you come and visit us!  

Note: We accept credit card payments with PayPal in advance. We are unable to process card payments at the Ranch itself. We kindly ask you to pay in advance via PayPal.

Address Christopher Creek:

MTM Ranch North

1518 Christopher Creek Loop, Payson, AZ 85541