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The MTM Ranch has been continuously operating on its private 870 acres since 1989. Nowhere will you find a more scenic and totally intimate part of the desert that we only share with the sky above and the desert landscape below. As the most tenured facility of its kind our fully educated wranglers will proudly guide you through a most magical landscape. Our fit and highly trained horses will take you where many simply can't go. Our expert Wranglers will entertain, enlighten and educate you along the way. 

Botanists will find a variety of Fauna and other Flora as well as a thoroughly educated guide to inform you. Our trails are also rich in wildlife and history. It is not uncommon to see herds of Arizona Mule Deer, Bobcats, Mountain Lions, Coyotes, and the Diamondback Rattler. For bird enthusiasts, our trail rides are always well viewed from the sky by the Mexican Turkey Buzzards, Red Tail and Harris Hawk, Tanagers, Kestrel and endless Finch and Hummingbird species as well as occasional Bald Eagle Sightings. We study all forest life and love to share. Just ask any question and we will be glad to answer.

Meet our wranglers


Patricia Motley has been the owner and ramrod of MTM Ranch for over 27 years. She is one of the most tenured guides in Arizona today, with one of the most diverse backgrounds. Born on a horse ranch in the mid west, Patty grew up with a pony in her playpen and has been riding ever since. She is a former World Champion mounted shooter, a former combined driving trainer and competitor, and has trained and raised thousands of horses over the course of her career. With this wide breadth of experience, she and her wranglers are amply qualified to give you the ride of your lifetime.


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