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Your horseback riding adventure in Cave Creek just North of the Scottsdale area, will be greatly enhanced by the magnificent scenery of our trails, which are just south of the Spur Cross Conservation Area which our passage to the beautiful Historic Tonto National Forest. All of our rides are Private and Semi-Private.

Buckaroo Ride | 1 Hour | Level 1 | $100 Per Rider


Our one hour Buckaroo ride is a fantastic opportunity for the young or inexperienced rider to get a good ride under their belts.  It is somewhat uncomplicated and we welcome children 8 years and up on this ride. It's especially great if they might be neophytes.  It winds quietly through the Saguaro Canyons with some elevation change and experiences many different contours to the mountains. These are the desert foothills and we enjoy sightings of all the creatures of the desert.


Ocotillo Hill Ride | 1.5 Hour  Level 2 |  $105 Per Rider 

(Sunset Version $125 Per Rider)

The Ocotillo Hill Ride heads right into the center of our 1200-acre ranch and does a steady climb up the mountain for an amazing, panoramic, and scenic view of both the Valley of the Sun and looking north out into the 3 million acres of the Tonto National Forest.  The horses that are utilized on this trail are extraordinary mountain climbing, valiant animals that are as tough as the landscape.  After the climb, we head over to a breathtaking canyon of Saguaro so thick and intact just as they were three to four hundred years ago.  The back canyons are very pure and primal as no motor vehicles have ever reached these points.  Native American legend states that each saguaro holds the spirit of a fallen warrior. Aspiring history buffs will enjoy the feeling of knowing you are in the middle of bygone days right here.


Vaquero Ride | 2 Hours | Level 3 | $130 Per Rider | Age 10+


The Vaquero is our most popular ride and takes in a great portion of our ranch.  If you are not intimidated by changes of elevation with panoramic views from Mountain Lion Mountain( Yes, sometimes in residence). Let your valiant steed take you places you wouldn't even walk.  He will be undaunted by the challenge and unintimidated by any of the trails.  This ride boasts the best view of the Tonto National Forest and ascends into the northern foothills of the ranch.  You are likely to see Mule Deer, Coyote, Rattlers, Hawks, and even Tarantulas.


Saguaro Vista Ride | 2 Hours | Level 3 | $130 Per Rider | Age 10+


This Saguaro Vista Ride is a fan favorite.  Leaving the ranch and heading into the North East most portion of MTM and around the Top of the World. You will be passing through many uncorrupted stands of ancient saguaro, some over 400 years old. This intact natural unmotorized area makes for a peaceful yet dynamic ride with your private guide.  Let your gallant steed show you the way on what proves to be a well-paced look at the Sonoran Desert.


 Red Dog Ranch Ride | 2.5 Hours |  $160 Per Rider  | Age 10+


See the entire ranch from North to South and East to West.  This ride passes through the old Red Dog Graveyard where many a sheepherder from back in Cave Creek Sheep station days were buried when the Influenza epidemic came to pass in the early 1900s. You can only imagine what the pioneers and the Calvary of the late 1800s found on this rugged landscape. The last Apaches were still in residence until almost 1920.


Silver Spur Mine – 1533 Loop | 3,5 Hours | $220 Per Rider | Age 12+


What a great way to see a really large amount of Arizona Landscape.  Leaving out of our ranch we travel north out through the Spur Cross Conservation Area into the Tonto National Forest.  Your horse will be undaunted by the different terrains and the many times you will be passing through Cave Creek (Yes a Creek) Riparian Areas.  The old Historic Stage Coach Road does do an extraordinary climb up and out of the Creek bed to a massive mountain top.  The trail is wide but sometimes on the edge of high drop-offs.  It is all about trust here.  The bond of horse and rider really counts. No one under 12 years old allowed due to the length and height of climbing here.


Petroglyph Tour | 4.5 Hours | $ 300 Per Rider | Age 15+

                                         (NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL OCTOBER 15)

The 6L Petroglyph ride is one of the premier long tours in Arizona. Just as the Silver Spur Tour traverses in and out of the Cave Creek Riparian areas we go another 2 miles beyond to find 75 square yards of Indian writings telling tales of the Ancient Hohokam Indians. Hohokam translates as those who have gone. Who are no more. This was a meeting site with its stone Metates, its land deeds, and the calendars of days gone by. It is an inspiration to be among all of these ancients. A very spiritual place for those who are believers. Not for first-time riders or anyone that might have medical needs. It is not particularly hard because it requires actually riding and navigating through rough brushy country and it is just long. The prospect of a remote rescue is not good.  

Blue Wash Ride *Off Property | 3+ Hours | $ 300 Per Rider | Age 15+ (under 250 lbs)

                                     (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

                                              Two Person Minimum

The Blue Wash ride is a most scenic 3+ hour view of Historic Camp Creek Wash
with the apex of the trip riding up into a beautiful riparian area with an unexpected
spring-fed waterfall. It was a sacred site of the Native American inhabitants and
well as ancient Hohokam. This ride is a round trip of gentle sandy trails with native
Juniper and Desert Willow as well as Sycamore. For the “Birder”, the birds of prey
are everywhere. Many different species of finches, hummingbirds, hawks, and
tanagers. The Mule Deer population is very strong down in the wash. We know you
will enjoy the scenery. 

Feel free to ask about our specialty rides. We do many off-property rides for advanced riders depending on their skills and interest.


If you're bringing an un-related minor - Please fill out and bring this waiver with you to your trail ride.

We'd be super happy to hear from you! Give us a call or send us a text to book your ride: +1 (480) 488 4538

Note: We accept credit card payments with PayPal  or ZELLE in advance. We are unable to process card payments at the Ranch itself. All rides are paid in advance or we will accept a credit card guarantee to hold you ride if you wish to pay cash.

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Address Cave Creek

MTM Ranch Horseback Adventures 

43001 North Spur Cross Road,
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

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